I have been hunting coyotes my whole life and can put you in the perfect spot to be successful. With my experience and the land that we hunt, you will leave wanting more. I have top-notch gear, everything from chairs to optics. You will not be disappointed. If you have your own gear, that's great; I will guide anyone from first-time hunters to well-experienced hunters. With day hunts starting in October of 2024 and night hunts in January of 2025, I invite you to book your hunt before it's too late!


With a plethora of experience in deer hunting, I am well-versed in the art of the hunt and can lead you to the ideal location for a successful experience. Count on our top-notch gear to enhance your overall hunting satisfaction. I am ready to guide you through an exceptional deer hunting adventure. Currently our 2024 schedule is fully booked! In 2025 we will be leasing more ground and looking to take in more deer hunting trips. 


Join our dove hunt for an unforgettable experience. Hunting over 10 different locations over water, dove hunting in Kansas in the past years has had great success. Typically, we limit out within the first hour, ensuring a successful and fulfilling hunt. Rest assured, I'll take care of cleaning the birds you hunt. Secure your spot and book a hunt for the month of September 2024!


Embark on an extraordinary hunt with Fishbone Outdoors. With a lifetime of experience and a passion for the hunt, I can lead you to the perfect spot for a successful pheasant hunting expedition. With over 4000 acres of prime farm land, providing ample opportunities for an exhilarating hunting experience. You won't waste anytime on this hunt as I'll clean the birds you hunt. Book your spot in our pheasant hunts of November 2024.